Intentional Investment in People, Culture Key Values at Crest Insurance

November 22, 2023 by

Crest Insurance Group offers its employees the freedom to succeed.

“Our entrepreneurial structure enables teams and individuals to achieve higher levels of success than they would achieve in a more highly structured or rigid corporate culture,” wrote one nominating employee. “We are far from cookie cutter, and our teams have unique approaches in achieving growth and service goals in a manner that best suits the client’s needs.”

That freedom has earned the Tucson, Arizona-based company the Bronze Regional Award in Insurance Journal’s Best Agencies to Work For 2023 competition.

“Employee satisfaction is intentional at Crest,” said Crest CEO Cody Ritchie. “We benchmark the industry, and our investment in employees is well above par. Compensation, benefits, time off, flexible time, work environment, education and supporting employee charitable causes are where the investment is realized.”

While most independent brokers have similar mission statements and talk about unrivaled customer service, he said, “how you perform the function is what will separate you from other agencies.”

Ritchie said an open-door policy allows communication and feedback at every level, which benefits everyone on the team, including leadership.

Employees agree.

“We work as a team, including crossing the lines of departments to assist in getting the job accomplished and making insurance as friendly as possible for existing and new clients,” wrote another employee in their nomination.

Many of the nominating employees mentioned the company’s agility and flexibility, which serve both the clients and the employees.

“Crest is unique in that it operates in a mid-market space that allows it to be big enough to have plenty of opportunity for the team, yet small enough that it is not overly bogged down in corporate processes,” an employee wrote. “Everyone adds value.

“There has been a strategic investment in culture,” they added. “Crest wants to grow, but it doesn’t wish to outgrow the culture.”

Crest is also committed to engaging new generations, making insurance appealing to younger people and investing in the new generation’s growth and development, wrote another employee.

“We have numerous employees working towards different designations,” they added. “We have mentorships and special programs for different levels and skills. Learning is valued and encouraged. The company’s dedication to providing opportunities and cultivating knowledge not only enriches individual skills but also strengthens overall capabilities of the organization.”

Other employees cited how they valued the agency’s investment in the personal success of employees.

“My immediate supervisor looks for ways to help me grow in my profession and provide opportunities to learn new skills and acquire more knowledge in our field,” an employee wrote. “There is a team atmosphere here; people really work together and collaborate well.”

Ritchie said the collaborative culture comes down to creating a team fueled by common goals and a sincere desire to see every member succeed.

“Surround yourself with talented people and invest in them, recognize their efforts, and stay in tune with them,” he said. “When people know you truly care, it helps create and foster a positive company culture that makes everyone want to come to work and do well.”