Three Killed in Georgia House Fire as Propane Tanks Explode

March 15, 2023

Three people were killed in a house fire as multiple propane tanks exploded, officials said.

”Explosions were going off inside the home” when firefighters arrived early Saturday morning, Barrow County Fire Chief Alan Shuman told news outlets.

Shuman said the house collapsed from the fire. He said once the flames were contained, investigators found several propane tanks in the home and determined they were the source of the explosions.

“This is a very tragic event that resulted in loss of life and injuries to others,” Shuman said. “The firefighters and medical personnel on the scene did a great job under the circumstances. We also want to remind citizens that it is extremely dangerous to have propane cylinders stored in your home, or any other structure.”

Officials have not released the victims’ names or said what caused the fire.

The Office of the Barrow County Emergency Services Fire Marshal is leading an investigation into the incident with the help of the Georgia Fire Marshal’s Office and Barrow County Sheriff’s Office.