Best Agency to Work For – Gold South Central: G&G Independent Insurance

November 20, 2023 by

At G&G Independent Insurance, the mission of delivering exceptional experiences extends to both clients and employees. A culture of collaboration, respect and support makes the Fayetteville, Arkansas-based agency a place where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas, concerns and feedback, knowing that their voices will be heard.

G&G has earned Insurance Journal’s 2023 Best Insurance Agency to Work For Gold award for the South Central region, an honor that co-founder and CEO Jordan Greer calls truly humbling. The award is based on employee responses to IJ’s annual Best Agency survey, as well as certain other criteria.

“This nomination reaffirms our commitment to creating a great workplace environment at G&G,” said Greer.

Founded in 2014, G&G offers auto, home, commercial, life, flood and motorcycle insurance.

“As an entrepreneur and leader, you often start with a vision of what you want to achieve, a dream of the impact you want to make,” Greer said. “It’s a journey filled with challenges and uncertainties, but it’s also one brimming with excitement and the promise of what could be.”

G&G’s 43 employees have bought into the promise, motivated by a positive culture that recognizes workers’ achievements on a daily and weekly basis. G&G has weekly company and department meetings, as well as weekly one-on-one meetings, which employees say fosters a strong level of communication.

“Management is always asking for input on how we can improve individually and as a company,” an employee said.

One way G&G makes its team feel recognized is through its Exceptional Experience Program, which rewards employees for providing exemplary customer service. Employees go above and beyond by mailing handwritten cards to customers, sending gifts and trinkets to surprise and delight clients, and working outside business hours to accommodate customers.

With every experience submitted, employees are eligible for quarterly prizes such as winning a night out on the town.

One employee wrote that they like how the agency benchmarks salaries annually and makes sure that the company is in the 50th percentile or better for all positions. G&G regularly gives salary and performance reviews, which one employee finds valuable “because they offer a transparent way to understand how my contributions align with the company’s goals and how I’m rewarded for my efforts.”

G&G’s training program is one more area in which the agency excels, employees said. G&G nurtures a learning-oriented atmosphere by investing in training, workshops and mentorship to enhance skill sets and career trajectories.

“It’s about more than just providing training or mentoring; it’s about nurturing potential, fostering confidence, and empowering individuals to reach their full capabilities,” said Greer. “It’s immensely rewarding to see team members flourish, take on new responsibilities, and achieve their career aspirations.”

G&G offers the option to work remotely, which one employee said “means the world” by allowing her to be at home with her small children.

The agency holds a quarterly company meeting at its Fayetteville office, giving employees the opportunity to bond with one another in and outside of work. Past team building activities include bowling, attending a haunted house, and even learning how to curl. “It’s just a great time to get everyone together outside of work and foster that kind of community and culture,” said Maggie Hill, marketing/ technology manager at G&G.

“We firmly believe that fostering positive experiences within our team ripples out to benefit our clients and partners,” Greer said, “resulting in their own enhanced experiences.”