Texas Department of Insurance Proposes Amendments to Benefit Texas Military Forces in Workers’ Comp System

November 16, 2023

The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation’s (DWC) General Counsel notified workers’ compensation system participants that DWC is proposing amendments to the Texas Administrative Code concerning. expedited benefits for members of the Texas military forces

The proposed rules implement Texas Labor Code Sections 401.027, 501.001, 501.027, 501.028, and 501.029, which were added or amended by House Bill 90 during the 2023 Regular Session.

The proposed rules are necessary to implement the changes in HB 90 by clarifying workers’ compensation coverage for authorized travel by members of the Texas military forces, ensuring that insurance carriers expedite claims for medical benefits by injured members of the Texas military forces, and ensuring that DWC expedites disputes about those claims. The proposed rules also include an update to the agency’s address and nonsubstantive editorial and formatting changes that make updates for plain language and agency style to improve clarity.

Source: TDI