ICT: Destructive Weather Took a Break in Texas Last Year

January 18, 2019

Between 2015 and 2017, Texas experienced a record number of tornadoes, hailstorms and a hurricane, but the state finally got a reprieve from all of the destructive weather in 2018, the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) reported.

Prior to last year, Texas experienced a record number of tornadoes in 2015, the costliest hailstorm losses for any year on record in 2016, and the state’s costliest storm, Hurricane Harvey, in 2017.

The state experienced one major hailstorm striking the D/FW area on June 5, 2018, resulting in $500 million in insured losses to homes, vehicles and businesses in the cities of Coppell and Carrolton.

In addition, there were only 52 reported tornadoes with no significant injuries, fatalities or property damage. For comparison, Texas averages 134 tornadoes each year, with the fewest number of reported tornadoes being 14 back in 1951, and a record high of 258 tornadoes in 2015.

However, flooding continued to be a problem throughout the state due to heavy rains.

In March, in order to prepare and educate Texans on the potential for violent thunderstorms this spring, the Insurance Council of Texas will embark on its third annual “Thunder Tour.” ICT spokes person Mark Hanna will join representatives from State Farm Insurance as they conduct a media tour and education campaign in 11 Texas cities that lie in what is known as “Tornado Alley” and the “Hail Belt”.

Hanna said the group will be advising homeowners in each city to check their insurance coverage, making sure that both their vehicles and residence are adequately insured; checking their deductible; having a home inventory; knowing whom to call to file a claim; considering purchasing flood insurance; and protecting themselves from fraudulent contractors and unlicensed adjusters.

Source: ICT