Thieves Steal Tires from 40 Vehicles at Oklahoma Dealership

February 12, 2018

Investigators in Norman, Oklahoma, say the theft of tires and rims from vehicles at a Norman car dealership appears similar to thefts reported in Texas.

Police say tires and rims were discovered missing removed from about 40 vehicles at a car dealership in Norman. Officers say rims and tires were removed from about 40 vehicles and the vehicles were sitting on wooden blocks. Investigators estimate that 160 rims and tires were taken from the dealership.

Investigators believe that the suspects entered the dealership by cutting the lock on the gate and then turned off the lights in the dealership’s parking lot to conceal their movements. The group targeted trucks as well as SUVs and cars.

Investigators later determined that similar thefts have occurred in Houston and Tyler, Texas.