Texas Mutual Builds New Workers’ Comp Health Care Network — WorkWell, TX

December 4, 2017

Workers compensation insurer, Texas Mutual Insurance Co., plans to launch of its own health care network for policyholders, called WorkWell, TX. Within this new network, all aspects of claims and care will be managed by Texas Mutual.

The company said WorkWell, TX, which will launch on Jan. 1, 2018, will contract directly with providers chosen for their proven results and experience in occupational medicine. The network will focus on producing positive outcomes and providing care that helps those who are injured on the job recover and return to a productive life.

The network will also offer Centers of Excellence, which will provide injured workers with access to exceptional specialty providers. Regardless of an injured worker’s location, Texas Mutual will provide transportation and accommodations to a Center of Excellence if the patient chooses to receive care there. This takes away geographic limitations and helps injured workers access top-notch medical care, no matter where they are located.

“This network is an ideal fit with our vision of building a stronger, safer Texas by developing innovative, responsive partnerships,” Texas Mutual CEO Rich said in the company’s announcement. “Most importantly, WorkWell, TX will allow us to ensure quality at every stage of care for an injured worker, ultimately allowing them to return to the life they love.”

Texas Mutual currently offers a health care network option for policyholders through a third-party administrator. Employers can expect to use WorkWell, TX just as they have used the existing network. WorkWell, TX will serve the same counties, and those who enroll in the new health care network will continue to receive a premium discount.

Employees of Texas Mutual policyholders who are injured on or after Jan. 1, , will be treated in the WorkWell, TX network, while those injured prior to Jan. 1 will continue to be treated in Texas Mutual’s existing network. The process for reporting injuries will remain the same for employers insured by Texas Mutual.

Source: Texas Mutual Insurance co.