CoreLogic: 52% of Houston Moderate, High Risk Properties Not in Flood Zone

August 28, 2017

Properties within SFHA zones, categorized as Extreme or Very High Risk, require flood insurance if the property has a federally insured mortgage. Properties outside SFHA zones are not required to carry flood insurance.

Table 1 shows the levels of flood risk* according to CoreLogic data for properties in seven metro areas likely to get severe rain and flooding as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

Table 2 shows only the total and percent of properties in the High and Moderate risk categories that are not in an SFHA and therefore not required to carry flood insurance.

Table 1: Total Properties at Risk by Flood Risk Level

Source: CoreLogic August 2017

Table 2: Total Properties in the High/Moderate Risk Level

*This current analysis does not include risk from storm surge or flash flooding.