My New Markets

March 8, 2021

Market Detail: Risk Strategies’ ( Transportation Group offers complete packages for courier, logistics, and all types of express delivery firms. Coverages include specialized industry-specific enhancements and can be further tailored to the needs of each insured, include: Umbrella – including admitted markets; general liability – including bicycle messengers, workers’ comp and occupational accident; auto – including hired & non-owned, cargo/warehouse; errors & omissions; EPLI; property, crime, and more. Risk Strategies has more than 30 years of specialized experience and works with multiple admitted carriers with stable, long-term track records insuring this industry niche. Co-brokers welcome. Specialized application.

Available limits: As needed

Carrier: Various, admitted and non-admitted available

States: All states except Hawaii and Mass.

Contact: Bryan Paulozzi at 877-862-4755 or e-mail:

Market Detail: Laurence Taylor Insurance Services’ ( can provide a free active shooter insurance and assailant coverage quote. As gun violence and crime incidents increase, active shooter insurance is widely becoming one of the fastest growing requested coverages in the U.S. Organizations in education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, not for profit charities, religious organizations and houses of worship are some of the risks needing this coverage.

Available limits: Minimum $1 million, maximum $100 million

Carrier: Unable to disclose

States: All states

Contact: Laurence Taylor at 323-931-1420 or e-mail:

Market Detail: First Cap Property Insurance Solutions ( has a new admitted dwelling fire program for California residential risks.

The program is designed to be an alternative to the California FAIR Plan. The new program is a resource for risks that have for various reasons, found their way into the California FAIR Plan due to non-renewals or standard carriers exiting the California market.

First Cap Property Insurance Solutions is looking for agency partners to help in identifying solid risks and delivering essential coverage to insureds at a competitive cost.

Available limits: Minimum $1,500

Carrier: Seaview Insurance Company

States: Calif. Only

Contact: Luie Rodriguez at 714-342-6856 or e-mail:

Market Detail: Coterie ( offers coverage for freelancers or those with home-based small businesses. General liability insurance and property, including building or equipment such as laptops, printers, desks, chairs, etc., and BOP coverage. Professional liability coverage to protect businesses against lawsuits is also available.

Available limits: As needed

Carrier: Various, admitted

States: All states except D.C., Mass., N.J., and N.Y.

Contact: Greg Roth at 855-566-1011 or e-mail: