New Markets

October 15, 2018

Market Detail: Personal Safeguards Group LLC ( provides an insured method for a Solar Manfacturer, VAR & Servicer to add a service contract to the purchaser of their solar panel, inverters and solar trackers. This product may also be available to existing customers who are out of the initial factory warranty period.

Available limits: As needed

Carrier: Unable to disclose

States: All states

Contact: Michael Forsch at 847-275-8497 or e-mail:

Market Detail: National Lloyds Insurance Co. ( dwelling fire coverage protects the home and personal property for owners, renters or seasonal occupants. Owners, landlords and tenants liability is also available as optional coverage.

Available limits: Minimum $500,000, maximum $5 million

Carrier: Unable to disclose, admitted

States: Ariz., Colo., Ga., La., Mo., Nev., Okla., Tenn., and Texas

Contact: Customer service 800-749-6419

Market Detail: First Choice Insurance Intermediaries Inc. ( offers small business coverage through Hiscox featuring three exclusive products, all tailored to the risks in the client’s industry: professional liability insurance; general liability insurance; and business owner’s policy (BOP). Program highlights include: instant quote and bind in less than 15 minutes; all coverage is tailored to the specific risks in the client’s industry; receive policy documents via e-mail usually within one hour of purchase (during our operating hours). Hiscox licensed agents are ready to answer questions and to service the client’s policy. Each quote can be saved individually until ready to present to the client. To become appointed, please scan/email to or fax 866-884-4796 the following paperwork: completed IRS Form – W9; copy of state license(s); current proof of errors & omissions certificate; and completed producer appointment form.

Available limits: Minimum $500,000, maximum $3 million

Carrier: Hiscox

States: Calif., Conn., Dela., Fla., Ga., Ks., La., Mass., Md., Mich., Mo., N.C., N.J., N.M., Nev., N.Y., Ohio, Ore., Pa., S.C., Tenn., Texas, Va., and Wash.

Contact: Customer service at 866-821-9572

Market Detail: Jacobs & Associates ( is a general agent and excess & surplus broker in the state of Ohio operating on an admitted and non-admitted basis. Looking to discuss marketing, new products, and ideas to help in the coming year with all Ohio partners.

Available limits: As needed

Carrier: Unable to disclose

States: Ohio only

Contact: Customer service at 440-625-2690

Market Detail: Pacific Specialty Insurance Company (PSIC) ( writes residential property and liability insurance for independent agents nationwide. PSIC’s unit-owners (condo / townhome) insurance starts with a comprehensive HO-6 policy and supports Preferred Tier coverage and options.

Available limits: As needed

Carrier: Pacific Specialty Insurance Co.

States: Ariz., Calif., Conn., Ga., Nev., and Texas

Contact: Customer service at 800-303-5000

Market Detail: Evolution Insurance Brokers ( takes a partnership approach working directly with clients or agents. In some cases, facilities do not have coverage for the participants. Evolution will review current policies to determine if coverage is excluded or included. Insurance and claims management for amusement facilities has been provided for 25+ years. Coverage includes: commercial liability, premises liability, property, renters legal liability, non-owned auto, sexual abuse and molestation.

Available limits: As needed

Carrier: Unable to disclose

States: All states except Alaska, Calif., N.H., N.Y., W.Va.,

Contact: Barbara Malkowski at 800-456-4576 or e-mail: