The Driving Force Behind Success Is a Motivated and Engaged Team: Energy Insurance

November 6, 2023 by

At Energy Insurance Agency in Lexington, Kentucky, creating a great place to work is at the core of the agency’s success.

The company’s family-friendly policies, personal attention to employees, opportunities for advancement and innovative employee benefits have earned Energy Insurance the Bronze Regional Award for Insurance Journal’s annual Best Agencies to Work For competition.

Employees nominating Energy Insurance cited everything from community involvement to helpful technology and free training among the benefits they valued at their agency.

“Energy has been by far the best place I’ve ever worked,” wrote one nominating employee. “They are very accommodating and flexible with everyone’s schedule. The pay is excellent, and the benefits are great.”

Another wrote, “They truly care about their employees. It is not just about us being a number or making them money. They want us to be happy, have work-life balance, and care about our overall well-being.”

Established in 1982, Energy initially focused on insuring the coal and gas industries. Today, it has seven locations with more than 100 associates licensed across the country, and provides personal and business insurance, employee benefits, life insurance and bonds nationwide.

Day-to-day operations center on creating a culture that inspires happier employees, said Energy Insurance Agency President Mark Kelder.

“What sets Energy Insurance Agency apart is our dedication to being more than just an insurance provider. We are a community of professionals who genuinely care about one another’s success,” Kelder said.

“Our team embraces diversity and inclusion, and we believe that everyone’s unique perspectives enrich our agency.”

Many nominating employees cited the company’s family-friendly policies and willingness to work with employees on all personal and professional aspects of their lives.

Nominating employees also credited the management team with being supportive and collaborative without micromanaging.

“We maintain an open-door policy, where employees feel heard and valued, contributing to an overall sense of belonging and trust,” said Kelder.

The collaborative environment benefits the clients as well. Energy employees know where to go for help if they have questions and share ideas about creating a better customer experience, Kelder added. “Our innovative approach to technology and our ability to adapt to the evolving industry landscape make us agile and competitive,” Kelder said. Ongoing training ensures that every employee is up to speed.

These efforts have resulted in a true sense of teamwork among employees at all levels.

“I have had several employees from my prior place of employment that inquired and now also work here,” wrote one nominating employee.

Today, more than ever, insurance is about building relationships, understanding unique needs and being there when clients need it most, Kelder said. “That sense of purpose and the ability to make a positive difference in people’s lives is what fuels my passion for this industry every day.”

His advice to other agencies?

“Prioritize your people above all else. Invest in their growth, well-being and job satisfaction,” Kelder said. “Remember that a motivated and engaged team is the driving force behind a successful agency.”