It’s Time to Play Offense

April 17, 2023 by

During my time playing wide receiver at the University of Northern Colorado, I learned firsthand there are a lot of advantages to being on offense. Being on offense is proactive. It means you know where the ball is going before the play begins, which typically gives you the advantage over the defense.

But when it comes to protection, the insurance industry has traditionally spent a lot of time playing defense. Being on defense is generally reactive. As we reimagine the future of protection, carriers and agents should embrace the idea of going on offense to help customers and clients prevent a loss before it happens.

Here are three key plays that agents can have in their playbook to be proactive for their customers:

The Forward Pass: Anticipate Customer Needs

Customers are facing a prolonged period of uncertainty. From increased weather risks to murky financial futures, clients don’t know what tomorrow will bring and how to protect themselves from perils they haven’t even thought of yet. Agents can help ease these fears by working with like-minded carriers that offer technology and customer-centric solutions to anticipate their future needs and mitigate risk.

Find the Edge: Make Customer Education a Priority

As important as it is to anticipate a client’s needs, it’s just as important to let them know why they should take proactive steps to prevent a loss before it happens. Not only do losses take a financial toll (lost business, rise in insurance premiums, etc.); they also take an emotional toll. A loss disrupts a person’s day-to-day routine, causing undue stress and strain on all involved. Sometimes, one or two small actions can prevent a loss and all the headaches associated with it. Agents should partner with carriers who provide tools and resources that empower them to educate customers about preventative measures within their control and encourage them to take action.

The Ground Game: Advocate for Change

They may not realize it, but an agent’s voice carries a lot of weight. As trusted community members and counselors, agents are representatives of their client’s interests and carry a great deal of influence with political leaders and policymakers — when they speak up. Now more than ever, agents must take a more hands-on role in the change that will protect their customers and be vocal proponents for measures like enhanced building standards such as Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) Fortified and distracted driving laws — actions that have been proven to save property and lives.

Into the Endzone

Shifting to an offense-first mindset won’t happen overnight, and it will take consistent effort on the part of carriers, agents and other industry partners. By working together, we can reimagine the future of protection and help customers take a greater role in mitigating risks for themselves, and their businesses.

Our customers are counting on us. Are you ready to get in the game?