BevCap Employees Feel Heard, Appreciated

October 3, 2022 by

At BevCap Management LLC, leadership listens. And they don’t only listen, they implement the ideas that come from the employees working on the frontlines with clients every day. The result? Efficiency, teamwork, and better service. Employees feel heard. And happy.

Dozens of employees made their voices heard by nominating BevCap for Insurance Journal’s Best Insurance Agency to Work For Gold Award in the South Central region.

“We feel very honored and blessed to have such supportive team members” said Lynn Coor, BevCap partner and COO. “They are our number one asset, and all have contributed so much to our long-term success.”

BevCap Management, headquartered in McKinney, Texas, is an insurance program manager with a focus in alternative risk for business professionals. The firm also provides personal insurance to individuals and families.

With 43 employees serving a wide range of clients, the company focuses on employee satisfaction, knowing that passion for their work is passed on to their clients and customer service.

“Just remember that happy employees are the key to your agency’s success,” Coor said. “Happy employees care more about the organization, provide higher productivity and promotes teamwork within the office.”

“We’ve learned through our Partner Survey that a good home and work life balance is most important for their happiness.”

The company’s anonymous annual Partner Survey encourages both positive and negative employee feedback that the company builds upon each year. Operational improvements stemming from the survey include monitoring P/C Account Manager workloads and shift accounts, and investment in ideas to make operations more productive and profitable.

“Our agency has had a lot of growth in the last couple years,” said one employee. “Investments have been made to upgrade our agency management system and other technology has been added that helps us all be more efficient.”

Another added, “Workloads are monitored, and new team members are added PRIOR to workloads becoming unmanageable….It helps us to provide the best service to our customers as possible. I am very proud of the agency I work for and would not want to be anywhere else!”

The company has also listened to employees when improving medical benefits packages, and now pays for employee-only PPO medical, telemedicine, advanced imaging, elective surgeries, basic life and LTD, and has lowered plan deductibles. Beginning in January, the company will implement a company 401(k) contribution.

In the wake of COVID, there are also plans for more popular teambuilding events, which include a crawfish boil, bowling party, Halloween and holiday parties and working together on community service projects.

“We’ve tried to have more of a family environment at BevCap where employees can build long-term relationships with each other,” Coor said. “We feel that it’s most important for our employees to have a good home and work life balance, so they are excited and happy to come to work.”

Performance reviews are another valuable tool for aligning company and employee goals, said another employee.

“I like that my organization finds value in (performance reviews), utilizes them to promote new growth opportunities and goals, and has us do a self-evaluation as well,” said one nominating employee.

BevCap has a quarterly meeting with all the staff where one employee receives the Beyond Excellence Award for their hard work, dedication and is recognized for the contributions they’ve made to the success of BevCap that quarter.

“We also try to make sure we have open communication with our staff, so they know how the agency is performing and any changes in staffing or direction of the company,” Coor said.

Flexibility has been key as the BevCap team returns to the office in a post-pandemic world. Before COVID, the company began offering a popular one-day-per-week work-from-home option for some employees. Today, employees have the option to work from home two to three days per week. Some employees still work from home full time to accommodate medical needs.

“It’s a matter of balancing employee needs and keeping the valued sense of camaraderie in the office,” Coor said.