The Liberty Company Promotes Peace of Mind

October 3, 2022 by

“We are different.”

That comment says about all one needs to know about why The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers took home Insurance Journal’s Best Agency to Work For – West award.

The firm won Gold because more than 100 employees at the agency took the time to fill out nomination forms and make comments to vote for their agency, giving it high marks for its compensation practices, and how it treats employees.

“We are one of the fastest growing privately owned agencies in the U.S.,” wrote the employee who commented on the agency being different. “Our mission statement and company culture spell out what makes us special as follows: Our mission is to promote peace of mind with great care.

We do this by building a culture based on our core values of integrity, excellence, caring, kindness, fairness, teamwork, good feelings, and fun. Our culture guides our daily practices and inspires our community to be their best in both their personal and professional lives.”

The firm has more than 800 employees across the nation and reports revenues of roughly $170 million. The agency maintains its flagship offices in the state where it originated, in Woodland Hills, California. However, the firm recently made its official headquarters in Gainesville, Florida.

Bill Johnson, Liberty’s CEO, founder and chairman, said the company strives to practice “heart-centered leadership.”

“We’ve really worked to cultivate a culture of appreciation,” Johnson said. “At the end of the day, we all like to feel appreciated.”

Johnson, who said the company may hit $200 million in revenue by year’s end, acknowledged the firm’s growth played a role in the positive feelings that employees had about their workplace. However, his focus was on how the company treats its employees.

“My personal intention for this company is that it be a place where the people here can be healthier and happier and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, and the company is in service to those things,” he said.

Many comments from employees on their nominations offered both the company’s employee-friendly culture and its growth prospects as reasons they believe it is the best agency to work for.

“I think the Liberty Company is poised to change the entire way insurance brokerages operate,” another employee wrote. “The entrepreneurial atmosphere presents the opportunity for there to be new ways of achieving success within the insurance marketplace. I think using the wellness approach of allowing employees to focus on improving themselves through ‘Dream Circles’ during work hours is a great way to show consideration for employee’s welfare.”

As part of its wellness platform, Liberty implemented “Dream Circles,” in which employees come together in groups with Anthony Dippolito, the firm’s chief wellness officer. The purpose is connection, and to discuss what one’s dream life looks like both personally and professionally, as well as to support each other in creating those dreams.

Peace of mind is top of mind at the firm based on the comments.

“I have never seen an agency, or any business have an owner who cares so much about the well-being and happiness of its employees,” another employee wrote.

Another wrote that “Liberty is a place where there truly are no limits!”

“It is a place and culture where people can realize their entrepreneurial dreams and live happier and healthier lives,” the employee added. “A place where you are accepted for who you are and encouraged to be your best version possible. Liberty’s culture is all people focused, believing that if you take care of your people, they in turn take care of their clients, and are happier and healthier resulting is greater productivity and realizing superior performance in all metrics that matter.”