How Trees, Bee Hives Help Powers Insurance Deliver Best in Class Service & Employees

October 3, 2022 by

For every client added by Powers Insurance and Risk Management, the St. Louis, Missouri-based agency plants a sapling. When Powers adds 250 new clients, they plant a large tree in an urban area. With every 1,000 new clients, they farm a beehive to help preserve the bee population and protect the community’s agriculture from colony collapse disorder.

The initiative, called “Plant a Tree. It’s Good Policy,” is one way that Powers gives back to the community it serves. The agency’s benevolent culture extends to its employees, which explains why it is the Midwest Gold winner for Insurance Journal’s Best Agency to Work For award.

Employees filled out an anonymous survey to nominate their agency for the award.

“Our organization and our team members are highly engaged,” Powers told Insurance Journal. “Our synergistic climate is the perfect example of everyone working together to achieve the same goal, which is a huge part of why we feel we have been successful in our quest for providing the best service and products available.”

Powers’ culture stems from a rigorous hiring process that seeks out the best available talent in the industry. Powers uses the Kolbe test, which assess whether candidates are a good fit for the organization.

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred on the implementation of remote work and hiring, which has expanded the agency’s talent pool.

“We now are attracting and retaining the best talent that we previously may not have been able to hire due to location restrictions,” Powers told IJ. “Remote work opportunities require effective management of these employees, and we believe we are succeeding with this new initiative based upon our strong communication skills and training efforts.”

Powers and its sister companies have grown significantly in 2022, adding 21 new employees with plans to add five to eight new positions before the year is over.

One reason potential employees are drawn to Powers is the agency’s assortment of benefits. The agency offers fully paid health insurance with a maximum of $500 out of pocket deductible, dental and vision insurance are matched (includes domestic partnerships for those of the same or opposite sex), and short-term and long-term disability and life insurance at no charge to our team.

Powers also invests in its employees by hosting team-building events and incentivizing workers with extra paid days off if they achieve enough positive reviews.

“The benefits they offer are second to none and they’re constantly working to give us even more benefits,” one employee wrote. “It’s the only agency that I’ve ever worked for that puts family first and allows true work/life balance.”

Another employee recalled a time when a colleague needed to move, and the entire commercial lines came together to help them.

“That team goes to lunch as a group regularly and are incredibly close as a group,” the employee wrote.

Founded in 1991, Powers remains a family-owned and operated agency with four members of the Powers’ family serving in active roles. Pierce W. Powers, Jr. is the chairman of the board, JD Powers is company president and CEO, Henry Powers is chief growth officer, and Elizabeth Powers is chief relationship officer.

While the company continues to grow in size and capabilities, Powers keeps its family core values intact, Powers said. “We believe this has helped create and cultivate a strong company culture and positive team morale, something we are extremely proud of.”