Jury Awards $1.5M to Man Run Over by Washington Police Officer

July 19, 2021

Jurors have awarded $1.5 million to a man who was run over by a Tacoma, Washington, police officer.

Emanuel Andrade sued the Police Department, the city and Officer Luke Faulkner, the News Tribune reported. Andrade alleged the officer in 2014 was messaging a coworker on his computer about meal plans when he slowly rolled over Andrade, who had been lying in the street after drinking.

Jurors returned their verdict after several days of deliberation and a more than two-week trial in Pierce County Superior Court.

They awarded $3.5 million, but reduced that by 50% because they found Andrade 50% responsible in the incident.

The City Attorney’s Office said in a statement that the city was hoping for a different outcome and will evaluate the results to determine if further steps are necessary.

Dan Hannula, an attorney who represented Andrade, said: “I thought it was a fair result, and our client is pleased with the verdict. … I think it’s a case where clearly our client should not have been drinking.”

He said Andrade, a former soldier, suffered from PTSD and had been self-medicating. Since then, Hannula said, the 30-year-old has been getting treatment through the Veterans Administration and has earned a two-year degree.

He still suffers pain from his injuries, Hannula said, which included head injuries and broken bones.