Showcasing Relationships

November 19, 2018

James DiLoreto, 36, is no stranger to the insurance industry. Like many of his peers, DiLoreto, senior vice president, RT Specialty, specializing in professional liability, comes from a family of insurance professionals – his father, his grandfather and his uncle all worked in insurance.

DiLoreto began his career after college with Chubb, working in underwriting in the insurer’s Dallas office for eight years. But the idea of joining a new company such as RT Specialty intrigued him, so when the opportunity arose, DiLoreto joined its team.

However, had he not known about insurance or the wholesale sector, the career choice may have never made his radar. That’s unfortunate, he says. “Because a career in wholesale is fantastic – especially if you like being in a sales role,” he said. “Your clients are people who understand what you do. You are selling to insurance agents – you are in it together.”

If he were to give a word of advice to insurance recruiters, in particular to the wholesale industry, it would be to highlight the value of business relationships.

“You have to educate young people on what we do,” he said, at colleges, job fairs, by sponsoring university events. And tell them the value and enjoyment that work-related relationships bring to the job. “It’s true. You do form friendships with people for years and that’s the side of the business that we need to show young people.”