Veterans Eligible for Insurance License Exam Fee Waiver in Wisconsin

September 17, 2018

Wisconsin’s insurance commissioner says military veterans are eligible for reimbursement of the insurance licensing exam fee in most cases.

Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel said the waiver of the $75 examination fee is part of an effort to attract veterans into the insurance industry and to the state.

Nickel said Wisconsin has the fifth largest insurance market in the U.S. with nearly 2,000 insurance companies doing business in the state.

“Wisconsin’s healthy and competitive market provides excellent career opportunities for Veterans to pursue,” Nickle said in a statement released by his office.

Insurance exams are administered through the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. On Dec. 15, 2017, exams were certified by the Federal Veterans Reimbursement program to allow veterans to receive full exam reimbursement in the state of Wisconsin.

The insurance exams eligible for the reimbursement program include life, accident and health, property, casualty, personal lines property and casualty, title, credit, and navigator. Veterans testing for life, accident and health, property, casualty, and personal lines property and casualty who previously held a license in those areas are also eligible for reimbursement.

There is no limit to the number of insurance exams a veteran may take or the number of times a veteran takes the same exam.

Veterans should visit for guidelines and procedures regarding fee reimbursement.