Allstate: Brownsville, Texas, Has the Nation’s Safest Drivers

September 17, 2018

Illinois-based insurer, Allstate, has named Brownsville, Texas, the city with America’s safest drivers. In fact, including Brownsville, five of the top 10 cities with the nation’s safest drivers are in Texas.

The ranking is based on Allstate claims data. The 14th annual Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report ranks the 200 largest cities in America based on collision frequency. The average driver in America will experience a collision approximately once every 10 years, according to Allstate claims data.

In top-ranked Brownsville, that figure improves by about 26 percent to once every 13.6 years.

Following Brownsville, cities making Allstate’s top 10 best drivers list are: Kansas City, Kansas; Boise, Idaho; Huntsville, Alabama; Madison, Wisconsin; Laredo, Texas; Midland, Texas; Cape Coral, Florida; Fort Collins, Colorado; and McAllen, Texas.

Other highlights from the 2018 report include Miami as the most improved driving city — jumping 37 spots on the report — and Spokane, Washington — dropping 37 spots from last year’s rankings after a 12-spot drop the year before.