Proposed Security First policy language rejected by OIR

January 22, 2018

For any assignment of benefits after a loss:

1.) You must disclose the assignment to us prior to the payment of any claim:

2.) You must comply with all of section I – Conditions, 4. Your Duties After Loss. We have no duty to provide coverage under this policy if you fail to comply with these duties.

-No assignment of claim benefits, regardless of whether made before loss or after loss, shall be valid without the written consent of all “insureds”, all additional “insureds”, and all mortgagee(s) named in this policy.

-If we deny your claim, that denial will be applied to a valid claim of any assignee(s) and/or any other third parties contracted by you to services rendered to you to repair or replace damaged property.

-We will not be responsible for payment to any assignee or third parties for payments for services rendered that are not covered property losses under this policy.