Insurer Group: Texas Auto, Homeowner Complaints at a Record Low

February 10, 2014

In 2013, Texas drivers and homeowners filed the fewest number of complaints against their insurance companies since the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) began keeping records, the Insurance Council of Texas reports.

According to TDI’s Consumer Protection division, there was approximately one justified complaint for every 16,000 auto or homeowner insurance policies in effect.

Homeowner complaints peaked in 2009, but last year with about a quarter of a million more policies in effect, only 364 justified complaints were filed against insurers, a new record low, the ICT said.

Auto insurance complaints have been going down every year since 2002. Last year, with nearly 15 million auto policies in effect, 900 drivers filed complaints with TDI, another record low.

“These record low numbers for complaints demonstrate that insurance companies are responding quickly and offering fair settlements to their customers” said Mark Hanna, a spokesman for the ICT. “Insurance companies take pride in protecting their policyholders and TDI’s data shows insurers have been successful in keeping complaints down to a minimum.”

The majority of complaints filed with TDI over property/casualty issues deal with delays in settling claims.