March 23, 2020

“With this legislation, South Dakota can join a growing list of states that are taking steps to address distraction-related motor vehicle crashes and fatalities.”

— Steve Schneider, American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) vice president, Midwest region state affairs, comments on a bill passed by the South Dakota Legislature that bans the use of smartphones and other electronic communication devices while driving.

“Over the past few years, we have worked diligently to diversify our business mix in specialty insurance, while continuing to work to improve our binding auto results to a level of sustainable profitability. Ultimately, we have seen greater than expected claim severity throughout all of commercial auto and made the decision to fully focus on our growing specialty lines.”

— Naveen Anand, president and CEO of Dallas-based specialty property/casualty insurer Hallmark Financial Services Inc., remarks on his company’s decision to exit its Binding Primary Auto business, which is primary commercial auto coverage written through brokers.

“Every tenant has a right to dignified and habitable housing, even in low-cost housing, even in housing of last resort.”

— Jamie Trinkle, an attorney for the Oregon Law Center, said an RV park south of Warrenton, Ore., did not provide that to his client and other tenants. His client has filed a lawsuit against the owner alleging negligence over living conditions in a trailer.

“The dogs started barking before the sirens went off, they knew what was coming. Then we heard the roar.”

— East Nashville, Tenn., resident Paula Wade on the moment one of several tornadoes ripped through her neighborhood on March 3. At least six tornadoes were reported to have spawned out of severe storms in the region, shredding dozens of buildings and killing 24 people.

“I’m a business person. … But if somebody else does it next time, I might try to be careful because of the coronavirus.”

— Anna Alexander, a property manager in Virginia Beach, Va., mulling over whether to shake hands with a customer the next time they reach out to her.