BRONZE Best Agency to Work For – Jones Insurance Agency

November 6, 2017 by

Employees of Jones Insurance Agency in Garner, N.C., understand they aren’t just selling an insurance policy, they are carrying on a mission put in place when the company was founded in 1956.

Jerry Jones, the company’s current CEO and chairman, and son of company founder Purvis Jones, said that mission is one of helping people in need. His father started the agency after suffering a devastating fire at his grocery store and realized not just the importance of insurance, but also the importance of understanding that all policies are not the same and what can happen when you don’t have the right coverage.

“After a long recovery from this setback, he made it his mission in life to prevent other individuals, families and business owners from suffering the effects of poor coverage,” said Jones.

And while the agency has grown significantly over the last 60-plus years, Jones said that mission has not changed.

“It has become a part of our DNA. We are driven every day to uncover and communicate the personal and business risks that our clients and prospects are facing. We propose solutions to eliminate, reduce or insure these risks in the most effective manner,” he said. “We do not take lightly the responsibility of protecting businesses and families.”

For staff of Insurance Journal’s Annual Best Agency to Work For Bronze winner in the Southeast, staying true to Jones Insurance Agency’s founding principles is what they do.

“Our agency is focused on helping,” said one employee who nominated the agency. “Other agencies are all about sell, sell, sell. This one is all about help, help, help. Help the client. Help your teammates. Help your community. I love being part of an agency with that mindset and that everyone here shares it.”

“Our agency promotes a consultative approach to helping our clients and friends as opposed to tracking sales transactions or pushing individual insurance providers. Our clients’ needs truly come first,” said another employee.

Employees also love the support and feedback they receive from agency management. Respondents said they are treated fairly, listened to, and appreciate their annual performance reviews.

Staff also said they appreciate the hometown and family-like experiences they have at the agency. They named monthly breakfasts to recognize employee accomplishments, four hours a month during work to volunteer, employee appreciation events with staff and their families, and “Flex Fridays,” as examples of what they love about their workplace.

“Working with Jones Insurance Agency is not working for a company, it’s more like a family. We celebrate accomplishments together, work thru problems together, and treat each other as we would want to be treated. This teamwork is extended to our customers who also become a member of our family. Together we do more,” wrote a survey respondent.

Jones and Buddy Gupton, president of the agency, said the teamwork by the agency’s employees has enabled the company to “establish an outstanding reputation for quality products and services that are delivered with integrity.

“We are humbled and gratified by our team’s positive response. We know that every department manager, every sales leader, and every team member is crucial to this success. They are the ones who make this the best place to work — they do it every day by every interaction with each other and each customer.”