Georgia Estimates $550M in Insured Losses from Hurricane Irma

November 6, 2017

Georgia’s estimated insured losses from Hurricane Irma have climbed to more than $550 million, with insurers reporting approximately 103,163 claims filed as of October, according to Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens.

The estimate is based on claims data reported to the Georgia Department of Insurance by property and casualty insurance companies from damage to insured homes, vehicles, and businesses. Hudgens pointed out that flood damage to vehicles are included in the reporting, but damage to businesses and private dwellings from flooding, would not be represented. The majority of flood insurance is offered through a federal program, not through insurance companies.

Department of Insurance Consumer Claims Specialists continue to assist residents of storm damaged communities daily with claims issues and other insurance questions.

“As part of our disaster recovery plan, my staff and I will continue to have conversations with claims managers of various insurance carriers to ensure a smooth claims process for the consumers of Georgia,” Hudgens said.

Those experiencing difficulty reaching their insurance company can call the Georgia Consumer Hotline at 404-656-2070, or, outside the metro area, 800-656-2298. Phone lines are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.