December 15, 2014

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Alarm Companies
Market Detail: AMIS Alliance Marketing and Insurance Services offers general and professional liability coverages including: bodily injury; personal injury; property damage; blanket additional insureds; waiver of subrogation; theft; errors and omissions; and lost key coverage. Coverage is available for any size account including one-man operations, national risks, new businesses and established accounts.
Available limits: Minimum $300,000, maximum $5 million.
Carrier: Unable to disclose, non-admitted.
States: All states.
Contact: Sean Nowell at 800-843-8550 or email:

Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspection Tools Coverage
Market Detail: Transpac Managers Inc. ‘s pipeline inline inspection tool insurance covers the replacement cost of scheduled tools while they are inside the pipeline during a pre-approved pipeline inspection. The tools can be covered for loss or damage while inline during an inspection. Inspection tools main loss event is damage due to tools becoming stuck in the pipeline.
Available limits: As needed.
Carrier: Unable to disclose, admitted.
States: All states.
Contact: Customer service at 214-346-1512.

Non-Profit Human Services
Market Detail: Empire Pacific Sovereign LLC offers all lines for this class, including: property; general liability; D&O; commercial auto; and workers’ comp.
Available limits: As needed.
Carrier: First Nonprofit.
States: Ariz., Colo., Idaho, Mont., N.M., Nev., Texas and Wash.
Contact: Gary Hargis at 503-968-6300 or