• Application for Invoices

    by SydneyBarrett on May 15, 2017 1:58pm
    I'm seeking an excellent invoicing or accounting app option. A software which works well for me could be an iPhone app or a web-based app. I thought I 'd be more successful finding something that was free. It appears like every application which advertises as an app that is free isn't truly free. If I can't find an invoicing app that's free, I 'm at least looking for a nice looking invoice template that I can use to create invoices for my clients. If I can find something for a word processor that I actually don't have to pay for that would be greatest. Please, do not advocate invoice templates from programs that cost money, like Microsoft products. :) I'll make sure to pay it in this newsgroup and in others once I find something great. Thanks for your help web! ;)
  • Re: Application for Invoices

    by msanab on May 22, 2017 10:05am
    Hi I am currently not familiar with any application that provide what your looking for but some Agency Management Systems do offer Invoices and allow you to bridge the AMS to certain Accounting programs like QuickBooks etc. If you do find something let us know. :D