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Part 2: IICF Spotlight on CSR, DEI and ESG

May 2, 2022

Part 2: Leading companies presenting at IICF’s recent Media Roundtable also illustrated how insurance businesses can make a much greater philanthropic impact by partnering with nonprofit organizations and
working collaboratively through IICF, as highlighted here with a few examples of generous and creative industry initiatives. Read more in the 2021 IICF Philanthropic Showcase, an annual retrospective
of innovative charitable contributions, volunteer projects and DEI initiatives.

The Hartford (Sarah Morin): The Hartford donated $1 million to a housing initiative that will provide access to affordable homeownership opportunities through the renovation of 24 homes in the Asylum Hill neighborhood of Hartford, CT. They also committed $1 million for 50 residents of Hartford to attend UConn Hartford tuition-free, and
partnered with United Way to align workforce development resources focused on helping young adults gain meaningful employment.

Verisk (Maroun Mourad): During Verisk’s 2021 Volunteer Week, more than 500 participants gathered across 15 countries to volunteer over 2,500 hours and raise more than $10,000 for local charities. Verisk also partners with Team Rubicon and other organizations to help maximize the impact and reach of their efforts with Verisk’s unique data analytics, tools, professional expertise and financial assistance.

“The insurance industry has a longstanding legacy of philanthropic giving, locally and globally, in times of acute need. Throughout the pandemic, and now, as we raise funds in support of Ukrainian refugees, our industry strives to respond quickly and with impact. The Media Roundtable offers a collaborative platform to highlight this dedication to lending a hand up to our neighbors, wherever they may be,” said Hank Watkins, Regional Director and President of Lloyd’s, Americas and Chair, IICF International Board of Governors. “As an industry founded with the purpose of facilitating progress and responding during times of need, we appreciate the opportunity IICF provides for collaborating on philanthropic and volunteering initiatives, enabling us to continue sharing the very best of our industry with the world.”

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