Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation

IICF Advances Diversity, Equity and Inclusion While Giving Back to Those in Need

July 11, 2022

Last month, the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) hosted the Inclusion in Insurance Regional Forums, convening 1,000 insurance industry professionals across New York, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles for events dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, innovation and the future of work while raising more than $900,000 to help regional nonprofits. The funds raised benefitted nonprofits working to combat issues related to food and home insecurity, veterans, children at risk, disaster relief and preparedness, education and more.

At the Forums, IICF also gathered industry-leading speakers and experts who shared actionable insights on how to progress the state of DEI in the industry and how to improve giving initiatives. At IICF’s Inclusion in Insurance New York Forum, Nelba Marquez Greene, founder of the Ana Grace Project, shared how organizations too often participate in reflexive giving, or giving in immediate response to a tragedy. She explained how our organizations can be even more effective through reflectively giving, regularly researching how to do their best to help families in need and actively working to give back.

IICF Inclusion Forum proceeds benefit IICF’s Community Grants Program. IICF has contributed more than $42 million to communities throughout the US and UK and since the start of the pandemic, has provided more than 2.6 million meals to vulnerable children.

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