Stand Out by Making It Easy for Consumers to Choose You

December 5, 2017 by and

This post is part of a series sponsored by ITC (Insurance Technologies Corporation).

What drives consumers to buy from and recommend certain companies? There are a few factors, but the biggest reason is how easy it is to research and buy what they’re looking for. This isn’t just speculation. A survey from 2012 showed this consumer behavior is real.

Consumers want simplicity. Consider the largest online retailer, Amazon.

It is easy to use the Amazon website to order whatever you need to and ship it directly to your house or office. It’s even easier to use the mobile app. You can pull out your phone whenever you think of something you need and add it to your cart.

Now Amazon has taken it a step further with the Amazon Echo and Alexa. You just say what it is you want to order.

Amazon continues to look for where the friction is in the consumer buying process and find ways to make it better.

Consumers want a process this easy from every company they buy from.

From the beginning days of insurance, agents controlled the buying process. It was only through an agent that you could get the insurance coverage needed.

No longer. Between companies like Amazon determined to simplify and our increasing use of technology, consumer expectations have changed.

How have consumers taken control of the insurance buying process? By choosing options that are easy. Now, consumers have more choices and more sources to get insurance than ever before.

There is a gap in the insurance industry because the industry has not always kept the same pace as consumers in adopting technology. There are companies trying to fill this gap because they recognize that consumers now have control. This insurtech movement is not slowing down.

Meeting or exceeding a consumer’s expectations is not enough to win loyalty. You have to provide such great service that it takes minimal effort to buy from you.

An unnecessarily difficult buying process will kill a consumer’s experience with your agency.

It’s tempting to assume you’re easy to work with. But, do you really know? What if your assumptions don’t line up with what a consumer actually experiences?

Try to not think like an agent. Secret shop your agency to experience what a consumer does. You can also ask someone you trust to do it for you.

Think of all the ways and methods you interact with clients. Approach it like Amazon.

Look at everything you do, and ask yourself: How can I make this easier for my clients?

When you put clients first, you get more loyalty, more referrals, and more business. Think about Amazon, or really any company with a reputation of great products and service. They got there by focusing on consumers and making every part of the buying process as easy as they could.

Here are some ways you can stand out by making it easy for consumers to choose you.

Those who make it easy for consumers will win the opportunities. Competition is only growing. If you want to stand out and grow, make it easy for consumers, and they will choose you.